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Pupu Rangi Nature Sanctuary

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Forest and Bird protection - Pupu Rangi Nature Sanctuary

Provider: Pupu Rangi Nature Sanctuary

Region: Northland




Nestled on the slopes of the second highest peak in Northland, New Zealand, this nature  sanctuary consists of 100 hectares of regenerating native forest. Views of the ocean, unexplored forest, and the song of native birds are just the first in the many experiences to be had.

While everyone discovers the world in their own personal way, here is what Pupu Rangi aims to be:

    * an area of protected New Zealand native forest
    * a place of learning about the forest and nature
    * a place of self-discovery
    * a place to meet like-minded people

The nature sanctuary traces its inception to the wonder experienced while exploring various corners of the globe and to the realization that everything begins, exists, and ends in the middle of nature.

Consisting of a privately owned area consisting of 100 hectares of protected NZ native forest, Pupu Rangi is home to many of the native species of trees and birds that require active protection from introduced predators. The native forest is classified as having national significance and no logging is allowed within the sanctuary. Local council and private funds are used for the following projects:

    * fencing of the forest to prevent the entrance of the grazing cattle
    * building and marking of walking tracks
    * possum, stoat, ferret, and feral cat trapping

One of the aims of the Pupu Rangi Nature Sanctuary is to make a meaningful impact in the control of non-native predators. By keeping down the numbers of predators, the seedlings and the birds have a chance to develop and mature. Cows, possums, and feral goats browse indiscriminately while possums, stoats, ferrets and feral cats will eat eggs and young bird chicks.

Pupu Rangi welcomes volunteer help with any of the ongoing projects. Think of the sanctuary as a place of learning: learning about the forest and its creatures, learning about conservation, and most importantly learning about yourself. You will be challenged on many fronts: being on an off-the-grid environment, the weather, the impenetrable supple jack . You will also experience something that is not that common these days: a no traffic environment, the dawn/dusk chorus of New Zealand, and the expanse of an un-explored forest.

It is very rewarding to share our knowledge of the New Zealand forest with our guests and it is equally rewarding to learn about other parts of the world.

We would be delighted to have you over and work with you towards the preservation of this native forest area. Some of the tasks that you could be involved with are:

    * marking and mapping forest trails
    * installing and refilling bait stations
    * weed control
    * general help around the place (Pupu Rangi is still a project in progress)

Expect that 50% of the tasks to be conservation related and 50% of the tasks to be about general help around the sanctuary.

Basic accommodation (small hut) and delicious food is provided to all of our volunteers. No prior experience is required, just a willingness to help.

More details on the website: http://www.pupurangi.com

We are open to volunteers between November and late April


Skills required

Willingness to make a difference, not afraid of the rain, wind, and mud

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