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Roots of Mud, Reviving Ancient Maori Ceramic Tradition

gilad - 17, Apr 2010

I'm Gilad, ceramic artist and civil engineer with a kick for invention and creation. I've a keen interest in different ceramic techniques and explored also primitive fire for burning. Discovering ancient native arts and crafts as always been my desire and point of interest.

Roots of Mud, Reviving Ancient Maori Ceramic Tradition

I\'ve been tramping south New Zealand for a month and a half, continuing tramping the north till June
Maori wood and greenstone carving are art and crafts well known and preserved by contemporary artist.
Ceramic art and craft of the Maori culture are less known.
My ambition is to explore the ancient crafts of Maori ceramics.
I would like to investigate how they used natural and local materials such as mud, wood and stone to prepare ceramic utensils such as pots and liquid containers.
Learning that, to reconstruct the entire process, from mud digging and preparation of clay, forming, molding and finishing and till finally burning the piece.
Using the same environmental friendly materials the ceramic workshop revives the sustainable culture of the Maoris in ceramic craft.
Organizing such ceramic workshop in the natural surroundings such as in a national park could be viewed and experienced by trampers touring the region.
How this idea sounds to you? I\'ll be glad to hear. If you know of anybody you think could be interested to contribute knowledge or abilities in this project feel free to reciprocate this e-mail.
I\'d love to join the volunteer projects in related topics and materialize the ceramic workshop project as I can.
On my Facebook profile Gilad Dekel or attached here are pictures of selected ceramic work of mine.
Hope to hear from you soon.

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