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AQUA Exhibition

/ - 15, Jul 2011

Learn more about the importance of water conservation at the AQUA exhibition

AQUA is a visual spectacle, with a powerful message. It reminds us that water is a vital resource for our planet. It inspires us to protect our oceans and fresh water supplies from contamination.

Here in New Zealand, we take our fresh tap water for granted, but others are not so lucky. AQUA transports you around the globe to places where water is in short supply or seriously polluted.

Over two thirds of the world's surface is covered by water - 97% of the water on Earth is ocean, 3% is freshwater but just a tiny fraction of that is available to drink.  AQUA is about water related issues; how its distributed, how it's used and how we can protect this vital resource.

AQUA encourages local communities to take action to preserve our water. It seeks to enlighten future generations about a global problem.  You can make a difference.

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