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Political Roundup: New Zealand's beautiful democracy
The decline of New Zealand's democracy is the subject of a just-released 23-minute online documentary: Beautiful Democracy. Ostensibly the video is about last year's anti-TPP protest movement and the creative ways in which activists...
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Bernadine Oliver-Kerby: Children casualties of flawed teaching theory
When the educator scoffed at me and said "get with the times Bernadine" coupled with a look that said "you're moments away from the naughty corner", I knew we had a problem. I was simply asking why the children at school were practising...
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Adelia Hallett: Droughts, fire caused by climate change harm native species too
Rain is a welcome relief for parched Northland, where we've experienced the fifth official drought in eight years. But many parts of the North Island remain tinder dry. Gisborne and Hawke's Bay are facing drought conditions, after...
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From TVNZ & TV3

Kiwis making a comeback in the Coromandel

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Scientists develop TB vaccine for possums - but why?

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Human Ecology Explained submitted by 'volunteer' on 21-Sep-2011
Will Hunting had it right 14 years ago....

AQUA Exhibition submitted by '/' on 15-Jul-2011
Learn more about the importance of water conservation at the AQUA exhibition

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