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Small Business: Helping to make NZ pest-free by 2050 - Goodnature
Conservation firm Goodnature is working towards achieving the Government's goal of a pest-free country by 2050. Co-founder Stu Barr talks about the business' relationship with Scandinavia and development changes. Brief description...
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Geoff Thomas: Pest-free by 2050? Not without bounty hunting
• Geoff Thomas writes on fishing for the Weekend Herald . Somebody must have told Sir Richard Branson about the Government's plan to rid the country of exotic pests by the year 2050. Because when he visited recently he referred...
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Wasps' bedroom behaviour under microscope
Kiwi scientists have studied the bedroom behaviour of a parasitoid wasp to reveal its mating habits.Cotesia urabae is a natural enemy of the eucalypt feeding pest Uraba lugens, an Australian moth whose larvae can cause severe damage...
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From TVNZ & TV3

Kiwis making a comeback in the Coromandel

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Scientists develop TB vaccine for possums - but why?

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Human Ecology Explained submitted by 'volunteer' on 21-Sep-2011
Will Hunting had it right 14 years ago....

AQUA Exhibition submitted by '/' on 15-Jul-2011
Learn more about the importance of water conservation at the AQUA exhibition

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