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Jim Salinger: Oz sizzles as climate action cools
This year is turning out to be a sizzler for Australia, showing that global warming is alive and well.However, as this country burns, climate action by the Australian and New Zealand governments seems tied up in knots.Let's recap...
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Air pollution can lead to potentially-fatal kidney disease
Kidney disease is the latest ailment linked to air pollution, a new study has found.The report from the American Society of Nephrology found that air pollution - even in small amounts - can damage your kidneys. Previous research...
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Jack Tame: Why worms are the perfect city pet
It was the cruellest prank ever played in the Tame household.Mum and Dad, having resisted years of begging and pleading, called their brood into the lounge for a special family announcement."You kids have been so good this year,"...
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From TVNZ & TV3

Kiwis making a comeback in the Coromandel

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Scientists develop TB vaccine for possums - but why?

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Human Ecology Explained submitted by 'volunteer' on 21-Sep-2011
Will Hunting had it right 14 years ago....

AQUA Exhibition submitted by '/' on 15-Jul-2011
Learn more about the importance of water conservation at the AQUA exhibition

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