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See New Zealand in an amazing way...Volunteer while on break (or

Ultramarina, 8 May 2016 05:01 am

KIORA everyoone! I'm thinking about visiting some friends in NZ... I'm from México. I also want to make the most out of my visit and listen to some success stories of how conservation projects are created and managed in NZ.. and the world! So let me know if there's an opportunity to volunteer in any of this amazing organizations during August. My email is sofia1166@gmail.com I will really apreciate any help and I'm looking forward to visit your beautiful country!!

dollyngeow, 4 Sep 2014 01:30 am

I would like very much to join with the volunteers. It looks great and amazing to volunteer in New Zealand. I love to come to New Zealand a land of beautiful green scenery.. When can I come and join in the community forum to be part of the team. I long to come where I would be able to do conservation work . Thanks so much. Look forward to hear from you. Regards, Dolly

auzistar, 4 Nov 2012 03:22 am

Hi, just joining in the forum. I would love to volunteer early next year, so that I can get my hands involved with conservation work, am looking forward to advice from experienced volunteers! Cheers! Sox

David (admin), 15 Mar 2009 12:36 pm

Hey ajaskol, I spent two months volunteering over summer and it was really great. What different volunteer jobs have you done? Have you done any conservation work in Christchurch, or elsewhere in the South Island since you have been in NZ? Or have you done volunteer work in the US? I would love to go to Canada or the Us to study wolf ecology at some stage...

ajaskol2, 10 Mar 2009 05:14 pm

Hello! I am a student studying abroad at Lincoln Univeristy in the South Island (from the US). I just wanted to spread the idea that if you want to experience more of New Zealand in an amazing way, VOLUNTEER! : ) School breaks are a great way to get out there, get to know people, and make a positive impact. (and you'll usually get free food and lodging as well!!)

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