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Volunteer teaching for fundraising project

veo volunteer, 22 Aug 2013 04:34 pm

FUNDRAISING is a charity project that V.E.O and volunteers would like to give a hand of help for poor and disadvantaged people. We would like to connect the volunteer network with a real help for the local where they truly need. “BRING A BRIGHTER LIFE FOR POOR PEOPLE” is the aim of the project that we would like to give a chance to improve the local house conditions and make some new different for their life. Through the program, we also bring a chance for international volunteer with the responsible travel for free, get much more benefit in education for local youth in Vietnam and improve the houses and sustainable life for disadvantaged people. What volunteer can do in fundraising project? Volunteer should come from the native English speaking country such as US, England, Canada… Volunteer can be students, officers whoever have some certificate such as CELTA, TKT,TESOL or any certificate for teaching English for foreigners. You will be all welcome to get involved in our project. Qualified volunteer will join us at least 3 month for a period, you will teach English in the Public or Private English Centre for normal learners, students…. You aim to spend at least 15 hours per weeks to teach in those Centre. By this way of working, you will have chance to meet with youth in Vietnam, join in culture exchange program and have chance to teach the local youth and children. What we bring for venerable people in this project? Base on the need of each house or school condition, they need build new building or repair the old house that we will make a budget for each. When we collect enough money from volunteer donation by teaching English, we will go to the project site and build the new class, repair old one or set up a new library for school….. It will be great job that volunteer can help and support the real things for local people. Please check the list of schools and houses that we aim to build or repair. What volunteer can have and achieve in project? We will provide full accommodation and food, transportation for volunteer for free in Hanoi and other place where volunteer work for. A pocket money that having enough for volunteers to spend for daily life in Vietnam, we will arrange this amount of money that base on the distribution time from volunteer. Full support of Vietnamese staff and Vietnamese supporters in 24/7 Traveling to some places for free in Vietnam in 2 day 1 night one time per month. (Such as Halong Bay 2 day 1 night). Traveling to project site and helping hand in building house for local. Joining in culture exchange day with local students. Home-stay chance for someday in country side for tasting Vietnamese culture in the real life. Application process 1. Please read in the detail for our project and get all detail information about the project 2. Please fill out all your needed information in the application form and send it to us. 3. Send your CV in detail for us to know about your background. 4. We will spend at least 3 days or 1 week from the date V.E.O receive your application and CV for processing your registration. 5. A Skype interview will be conducted to you when your CV is accepted for considering. Please check the update email from us in order to not miss the interview time. 6. Arrange you suitable time, visa and some needed thing for your trip, and come to Vietnam and joining us. More information, please visit our site: https://sites.google.com/site/veorganization/

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